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About You
Name: Jim/Phoenix
Gender(whatever that may be!): Male, inside and out.
Age: 20
5-10 Favorite Bands: Oh the list is long, get ready: Crass, Rozz Williams, Chaos UK, Joy Division, Hagar the Womb, TSOL, Strange Dolls Cult (some friends of mine in Vienna, Austria :) ), Aus Rotten, I enjoy GG Allin's work, but I don't think he's punk, the list goes on and on and on.
Hobbies: DJing, helping people out, wasting time and money.
Promote the community in one place and link it to us (this keeps the community alive):
How did you find out about us?(curiosity): Livejournal Interest Search

-What government would you choose if given the chance and why?: In a utopian world, where we wouldn't have to worry about selfishness, greed, and laziness, I'd say we would go with a communist system. It's beautiful on paper, but in practice, it doesn't work, so we're stuck with what we got.
-What do you think is the most messed up thing happening in the US? In the world? Why?
US: The fact that we live in a country where the government spies on the innocent, holds people with trials, etc. Ben Franklin once said he that would sacrifice freedom for temporary security deserves neither.
World: Poverty. In america, we have so much and everyone else has so little. My family makes about 80k yearly (my dad is a biochemist, what he calls a "lowly lab rat") raising five children, two in college, and one with autism. We STRUGGLE to survive in the Philadelphia area. However, I was in Malawi doing aid work in 2003, and I saw first hand extreme poverty. The average yearly income for a family in Malawi is $170/year. It's very sobering that because of the poverty, many people contract AIDS because they cannot afford medicine that will keep them from passing it on to their newborn children. They can't afford the medication to treat it either. So what can they do but slowly die? Something definitely has to be done about this. How do those Billionaires who make their wealth by manipulating the stock markets sleep at night? They've never done a day's work in their lives and they're living the lives of kings! ACCCCCK! *Goes Crazy*
-If you could change one thing about the US (or the country you live in) what would it be? What about the rest of the world? Why? US: We would stop picking on smaller, weaker countries. World: People would actually give a damn about each other.
-Name one political figure/"personality" that you dislike and tell us why in at least one sentence & no more than four. Then, name one you like and tell us why.Dislike: Noam Chomsky. Not that I necessarily DISlike the guy, but I respect him more as a brilliant academic than as a political personality. Just like I respect Queen Latifah and Will Smith as actors than as rappers.

Give your opinions on the following issues and give an explanation why you feel the way you do. Do not just use yes and no answers.

Abortion: You see, my friends describe me as ultra liberal on some issues and ultra conservative on others. I'm conservative on this issue. It's murder, plain and simple. People who accuse conservatives of hypocrisy because they would rather see a condemned criminal die than a baby. Who's being hypocritical? The person who would rather see a baby die than a condemned criminal. I am against both abortion and the death penalty. I think all human life is sacred and should be treated as such.
Adoption: A very good alternative to abortion. Many families that I grew up with adopted several children, some being crack babies, others were mentally retarded, but they turned out to be great kids when placed in a loving, caring family.
Marriage: The ultimate expression of love. Not to be confused with a wedding, which is the ceremony that takes place. Marriage is a promise between two people before whatever they hold sacred (e.g a diety), that means that they will be with each other through thick and thin for the rest of their mortal lives.
Gay Marriage: As I said above, marriage is a promise between two people. Why should the government get involved in the first place. It's not the government's place to regulate this promise.
Polygamy and Poly Marriage: Against it. Marriage, according to my definition, is between two people. If you don't want to remain true to just one person, don't get married.
Sexism: It's not right. We're all just people. We deserve equal treatment, whether we be white, black, male or female. I'd rather judge people based on how they treat others than on whether or not they have a penis.
Feminism: If that's what floats your boat. I never really got into feminism. I believe in equal rights, but not special rights. I think feminism really doesn't have any real direction to it. The line ought to be drawn when it is simply sexism against men, though.
Degredation of women in the media: Degradation of women or men based on their gender alone in any forum is wrong.
Racism: Like I said, we're all just people.
How Minorities are protrayed in the media: Depends on which media source you ask.
Homophobia: You know, I used to be terribly homophobic. But then, one of my best friends, Holly, came out of the closet as a bisexual. At first, I was scared. Is she contagious? Well, that didn't really run through my mind, but the thought that there was something wrong with her did. But I love her dearly and I couldn't imagine my life without her. So, I got over my homophobia quick.
Transphobia: Ehh... Never really ever met a transsexual. I don't think it's right to judge someone based on what they feel they are.
The Media: Most of it is bullshit. They are puppets of an agenda. Look at Fox News. It's plain to see that when the Republicans are in control, they are their lap dog, but when Democrats are in control, they are a rabid German Shepard. Vice Versa for every other news outlet there is. It's all peddling one view over another.
Porn: Degrading.
War: War can only be used as a VERY last resort. Especially in the nuclear age, when one push of a button could destroy the entire world, we need to avoid it at all costs.
Death Penalty: against it. Personally, I'd rather see convicted murderers rot in prison, regretting the fact that they ever did it every day for the rest of his/her life.
Gun Control: It's simple. If you outlaw guns, only criminals will have them. First of all, if you take away guns, as long as the technology is there, criminals will find a way to get them, importing them, or even resorting to making them themselves. Second, eliminating guns won't eliminate violence. There will always be knives, 2x4s with rusty 8 pennies, brass knuckles, etc. We don't need to eliminate guns, we need to eliminate hate. Then, and only then will we see a reduction in violence.
Shoplifting: I try to stay on the clean side of the law, myself. If I see someone shoplifting, I won't rat them out. I'll just pretend I didn't see it
Euthanasia: Uncertain where I stand on this. On the one hand, people should have the right to die with dignity. On the other hand, people should not speak for others when the choice comes; as well as the fact that it is little more than suicide. It's a very complicated issue for me.
Affirmative Action: Personally, I'm against it. If a minority is more qualified for a job, give it to him/her. However, they shouldn't be given the job simply because they are a minority. Isn't this what Dr. King spoke about when he said that he dreamt that blacks will one day be judged "not by the color of their skin, but by the quality of their character"? Just something to think about.
No Child Left Behind Act: Oye...... Essentially, all it did was ensure that children got high scores on a standardized test. It won't help them out later in life. Basically, it's the government saying that your social status is setting you up to fail, but we don't care as long as we can brag high test scores.
Patriot Act: Once again. Oye. It's unjust. It's unfair. It's a load of bullshit. I expressed my opinions on it above.
Welfare: As a libertarian, I feel that big government is a very bad thing. However, some people just need a little help up.
Religion: It's a positive thing when the religious community is not out to control it's members. It's changed so many lives, usually for the better. Take the Unitarians or the Quakers. This is generally the only positive "religious" sects that people think are good. However, I think that there are churches, usually smaller churches that don't "bring in" money that they're not "sending out" that aren't out to control it's members, but to guide them into being better people.
Eating Disorders: Some may call it a disease, but it's better called a legitimate psychological disorder.
Self-mutilation: I used to scrape myself, not hard enough to cut into the skin (this, I felt was a "bad pain"). When I did this I would feel the most euphoric sense run up and down my spine. Hurting yourself to escape what's going on is not good. That, too is a legitimate psychological disorder. However, I know some people, my ex girlfriend included, who just cut herself to get my attention is just wrong. That, in and of itself, is not a legitimate psychological disorder, but could be a sign that something else is wrong.
Environment: I think we ought to be good stewards of what we have. That includes both using the resources we have and using them RESPONSIBLY.
Vegans/Vegetarians: I have great respect for those of us who have both the will power and the power to stand up for what they believe in by going vegan/vegetarian.
Vivisection: Neutral on this issue.
Neo-Nazis: They're wrong, plain wrong on so many levels. But they have the right to make idiots of themselves. Most of the ones in the punk scene grow up and learn that Nazism is wrong around the time their balls drop.
Cloning: Kinda scary, playing the role of the gods.
Stem Cell Research: Great advances can be made by it. But the fact of the matter is, stem cells don't have to come from aborted fetuses. In South Korea, there were a team of scientists that found out that the same stem cells can be found in a baby's umbilical cord! There's great potential in this field, but it doesn't have to come at the cost of other humans.
Terrorism: What can I say? It's a terrible tragedy what's happened on 9/11 and in Britain and in the middle east every day.
sXe & Drugs (cigarettes & alcohol too): sXe: It's a personal choice. When you become preachy about sXe, it becomes not a personal choice, but something that you're forcing on others. I met a great sXe guy from Brazil during my time in Germany. He hid the fact that he was sXe, essentially. If you have the will power to stay away from certain things, more power to you. Drugs: Drugs are bad, mmmmkay?! Anyway, as I said, I try to stay on the good side of the law. I don't do illegal drugs. I tried *something* once, but that was it. But if you include cigarettes and tabacco, then yes, I take them. I also drink every so often.
Government (in general): A necessary evil.
Our current President and VP: At first, I thought it was the lesser of two evils. Later, I found out that there was no lesser of two evils in that race. It was the bottom of the barrel picks from both parties.
Anarchy: Depends on how you define it. In some ways, one could say that I am a "philosophical anarchist." There was a member of the band Crass that said something to the extent that anarchy is not about throwing a brick at a cop, it's about helping an elderly person. I think it's a great ideal, this sort of Kropotkinian idea of mutual aid. And in a perfect world, we would need no government. But guess what, we don't live in a perfect world.
Fascism: Against it in all it's forms.
Communism: You know, people think of me as a communist, and I really don't mind it. I think my ideas are similar to a philosophical communism.
Capitalism: It doesn't work, but on the other hand, it's the closest thing to a working economic system that we can get.
Liberals: In my mind, most main line liberals are hypocrites. They complain about the condition of the environment while driving their cushy SUVs around town, getting half a mile to the gallon. They complain about poverty in third world countries while drinking a latte that cost them $9, but the coffee farmer only saw 3 cents of it. oye.
Conservatives: not much better.
Democracy: it works better than anything else.
Protests: I will support protestors, even if I disagree. I say go excersize your right to protest against the system. Now, I may not join them. For example, there's a group of what my conservative dad calls "peaceniks" that protest in my hometown every friday night against "THE war". Not War in general, but THE war. I felt that their hearts were in the wrong place. They were just using the protest to further their political ideals.
Censorship: I'm against it. Just think before you say something.
Draft: Against.
Racial Profiling: Against.

What do you think of the following political parties? (US Members Only)

Republican Party:Used to be a part of them. Nevermore. I just couldn't stand for what they stood for anymore.
Democratic Party: Don't like them either.
Libertarian Party: Now you're talkin!
Green Party: Ehh... what can I say about a political party who's platform is built on one plank?

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