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About You
Name: Dakota
Gender(whatever that may be!): female
Age: 16
5-10 Favorite Bands:
crass, fleetwood mac, conflict, subhumans, leftover crack
rock climbing, making and reading zines, (de)constructing things,
Promote the community in one place and link it to us (this keeps the community alive):
ok: http://greengrrl.wordpress.com/2007/11/04/up-the-punx/
How did you find out about us?(curiosity): through queer_punks

-What government would you choose if given the chance and why?:
i would keep it the way it is, just tweaked so people actually understand and follow what the constitution says, and we have no need to fear attack upon the bill of rights ect. im a realist at heart, and i know anarchy would never world with these shitheads the live in our world, or else i would choose anarchy
-What do you think is the most messed up thing happening in the US? In the world? Why?
in the us- that politicans like george, dick and achcroft ect. can get away with as much as they did, even when the public and congress knows all about it. in the world- incicdents/ongoing issues like in darfur, sri lanka and myanmar go on and the whole world isnt racing to be the first one to help the people out.
-If you could change one thing about the US (or the country you live in) what would it be? What about the rest of the world? Why?
hmm..i would get rid of selfish ceos and such and replace them with ones who care about others. this would change soo much, because whether you like it or not, everything is run by businesses. if big businesses cared about their CUSTOMERS, and the environment instead of just their shareholders we could save this planet in the blink of an eye.
-Name one political figure/"personality" that you dislike and tell us why in at least one sentence & no more than four. Then, name one you like and tell us why.
i dont like bill richardson because i would not feel comfortable having someone that reacted the way he did in the lgbt democratic debates in office. however, i love dennis kucinich because i havent heard one thing come out his mouth/seen one of actions that i wouldnt have said/thought/done myself. i agree with him wholeheartedly on every single stance of his.

Give your opinions on the following issues and give an explanation why you feel the way you do. Do not just use yes and no answers.

keep legal and safe. would you rather have no child, or another unwanted child born?</b>
i havent heard of an issue with adoption..?
nor have i heard of an issue with heterosexual marriage (although britney's caused quite a stir)
Gay Marriage:
yes gay marriage all the way. i have yet to hear an argument against gay marriage that does not involved religion (separation of church and state voids all religious arguments when dealing with laws)
Polygamy and Poly Marriage:
i'm not sure how i feel about this..although some feel comfortable with it, there are many others who are kept against their will/abused ect.
theres no excuse for sexism.
whoohoo! there's nothing wrong with wanting to raise up above all this discrimination and abuse women as a whole have taken since the beginning of time.
Degredation of women in the media:
there's no excuse for it. pretty soon we'll all get really ticked off and cut off certain male genitalia.
theres no excuse for it. there just isnt.
How Minorities are protrayed in the media:
i dont watch the news anymore, its always about some BLACK MALE molesting someone or kidnapping someone...and of course its always the white females who get all the coverage when they get kidnapped. we shouldnt have this problem, if the country as a whole stopped buying into this sensationalist crap.
you fear what you dont know. gay people are just like straight people, just minor lifestyle changes.
see above.
The Media:
can be used as a useful tool. take for example, the wonderful abbie hoffman, who did all these crazy things so get the media to pay attention to him, while he was raising awareness about various issues.
i have mixed feelings about porn. on the one hand, it usually degrades women, but on the other hand, its sooo nice to watch..
emphasis on military prowess is an indication of philosophical poverty.
Death Penalty:
im against the death penalty. 1- usually with death penalty cases you can never be absolutely sure they committed the crime. 2- how is killing people teaching people that killing others is wrong? and 3- just because they violated your right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness does not give you the right to take their right to life away from them. however, i am still unsure of the whole idea of prisons.
Gun Control:
for. ive had too many friends die from shootings.
do it all the time. from big companies only though, no independants and thrift stores ect. however i am trying to cut down on my shoplifting.
for humans? i think this is a great idea, but im still unsure... i mean we'd decrease the surplus population and reduce the number of ambulances/csi and all that wasted. i mean yeah its really wrong, but its extremely practical.
Affirmative Action:
i dont know..its very helpful for minorities but it really does discriminate against the majority which isnt fair either.
No Child Left Behind Act:
AGAINST. not only have i experienced this crap in school, but my mom taught downtown in the city, and its impossible to think that you can hold these poor black kids who just saw their cousin raped and shot last week with tons of other socioeconomic problems on the same level as sheltered, church going, rich, white suburban kids. its impossible!
Patriot Act:
AGAINST. this is a HUGE violation of my rights, and personally i find privacy more important than "protection" or whatever excuse the politicians are using these days
yes we need welfare! however, you must be in the process of getting a job/have a job in order to get welfare. and the getting a job process would be a tight schedule, so (most) people wouldn't slip through the cracks and only live off welfare. and there's gotta be a cap to how long youre on welfare, and you cant go from state to state. im very much for welfare, i think its a great idea, but ive seen the (affects? effects?) of welfare abusers first hand and its not nice.
is just something people use to comfort themselves when they experience something unknown to them, or do not have answers to questions like what happens when you die? why are we here ect. And thats fine, that some people choose to seek shelter in these religions, but do NOT try to get other people to join, and do NOT make LAWS that only cover your religion. everyone should be free to practice what they want (within reason)
Eating Disorders:
are a sad problem. however, i do not quite understand them. i dont understand why the (affected? effected?) cannot just stop, but my own issue with eating disorders doesnt stop me from feeling sympathetic and wanting them to get better.
Self-mutilation: hurts.
is verry important, hello its whats keeping us alive! if we ravage the earth and suck up all the resources were going to have nothing left and die like everything else.
Vegans/Vegetarians: what about them? whats the issue? im vegetarian/veganish and i see no problem with that.
Vivisection: is wrong. just reading that word makes me want to cry.
Neo-Nazis: are allowed their rights. unfortunately.
Cloning: is an amazing scientific breakthough.
Stem Cell Research: could help millions of people. i would donate my eggs.
is an overused phrase. im not saying it doesnt exist, but the media especially blows it was out of proportion.
sXe & Drugs (cigarettes & alcohol too):
thats fine that some choose to be straightedge. to each her own. when i think of sxe i think of no drugs, no ciggs, no alcohol, and thats it. there has to be a point at which the "no chemicals in body" thing stops. but you know each person will do what they want and thats fine. i just mean, that my definition of straight edge is no ciggs, drugs, and alcohol.
Government (in general): sucks.
Our current President and VP:
sucks. they both need to be impeached and tried for war crimes.
is the ideal form (or lack of) government. however, it would never work (realistically)
is just something thats easy to hide behind. you dont have to think, just follow along. it sucks.
im not sure how i feel about communism. i like the idea of a communal setting, but im not sure thats the point..?
im not entirely sure on this subject either but i think its a good idea, just poorly executed.
Liberals: r us.
make me sad because it seems they do not know how to read the first amendment. or the 14th amendment.
Democracy: is a great idea! too bad we dont use it. the US has a republic not a democracy.
Protests: are amazingly wonderful.
Censorship: is bad.
Draft: is bad. if this happens then my whole family and i are moving to canada.
Racial Profiling: is a bad bad bad bad bad idea. ive never heard of white males being racially profiled, and taken out of line and questioned, like I, an Indian/Sri Lankan have, simply because my skin looked like those in the Middle East. give me a break. there are more effective ways to "track down the enemy"

What do you think of the following political parties? (US Members Only)

Republican Party: I really don't agree with much of any platform of theirs, except for maybe immigration. I have mixed feelings on immigration- on the one hand, all these people desperatly need to get out of their country, but at the same time, it is completely unfair to those who are entering legally (like my dad's family).
Democratic Party: is my current party.
Libertarian Party: i dont really understand this party. can anyone explain?
Green Party: i would be part of the green party, but they just lack the numbers. theyre not going to get anything done except make a statement, but those votes are lost. they could be used more effectively to get a democrat in office, instead of a republican.

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