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political_punks's Journal

Political Punks!
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Political_Punks is a community, for punks, who are active in
or interested in politics. We ARE NOT A RATING COMMUNITY, &
welcome moderates, liberals, & conservatives alike, as long as you
are into punk music (or oi, crust, ska, or a related genre). However,
we do ask, that everyone make intelligent posts, & be prepared, to
back up your statements, with facts or elaborate opinions, because a
simple "just because" won't do.

1. Debating, is always allowed & encouraged, but please make
sure to stay on topic, & try not to bring debates to a personal level.
2. Make sure your posts are about punk, politics, or community
related topics.
3. Posting pictures is okay, as long as they are political.
Remember, this is NOT a camwhore community, if you have come
here for that, we recommend you leave.
4. Do not promote communities in here. A community promotion
post will just be deleted. However, if you would like to become a
sister community, contact Britt at XRaySpexPixi@hotmail.com.
5. Once you join the community, please fill out the survey
within a week (7 days) of joining. You will NOT be rated on this
survey. It is simply to get to know you & your beliefs.
Also, you may not post a new topic or comments, until you fill out the survey.
6. Any questions, comments, or complaints, should be directed
to one of the mods.
7. Post & Promote! This is what keeps the community alive!

hot_pink_latex ...... capitolanarchy
(Any questions/complaints/suggestions should be directed to them.)

This is only to get to know you. We do not reject anyone! This
is simply to help us get to know you & your views. If you don't
know what something is, just skip over it.

Also, this is very important because it is annoying as hell, please when you are filling out your survey DO NOT PUT YOUR ANSWERS INSIDE THE b's!!! This will make everything bold if you do... so don't do it.

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