Joctopus Rex (holyhackjack) wrote in political_punks,
Joctopus Rex

Sally Kern's speech.

"I honestly think [homosexuality is] the biggest threat our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam"

No real debate can come from this. Everyone is going to see the irony in her saying that those gays are infiltrating our government, when the real people we should be worried about are these people. One of the few facts she has right is that there is a higher suicide rate in queers. Well yeah, that's because of people like her comparing homosexuality to cancer and But, I think some debate can come from this other topic.


Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer was recently caught with his pants down trying to pay 31,000 dollars for a very expensive call girl.

Should he step down? What do you personally thing about prostitution? To quote Carlin, why isn't it legal to sell something that you can legally give away?
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It's illegal to sell sex even though you can legally give it away because when you GIVE it, it is your choice and you want to. When it's taken it's crime. When it's sold, it's not that there's no consent, but the government doesn't want to have to deal with the further spread of STD's, endorse sex at all (separation of church and state doesn't truly exist here yet), lose what would be "productive" members of society to prostitution, or put pressure on those who are in a money crunch to sell themselves and their well being just to survive. It's not like an object - it isn't legal to sell it because that would make it a commercial object.

the further spread of STD's
Is that even anecdata, or are you just guessing? Normally, in places where prostitution is legal(ized), prostitutes have to get regularly checked for STDs. Ergo, less diseases, not more.

lose what would be "productive" members of society to prostitution
Legal workers pay taxes. => Legal prostitutes pay taxes. How is that non-productive?

sell themselves
Um, no. They only sell their skills. Big difference.
I was just about to say that re: stds.
Aw. You said the Carlin thing already.
  • i don't quite see the point why islam as a religion
    has to be in the statement of the threat list... not without learning about the teaching. having to dismiss that due to plain ignorance, it could have not been your statement either, but a scrap taken from tattered piece of sheet? in this case, it's leaky topic.

    freedom is not free and dumb. we can kid about town, but we can't kid around ourselves that it doesn't matter. i hope this explains over my thoughts on homosexuality. solution: rich people should actually waste some money to create social awareness to also sell his/her fame that he/she can legally give away.

  • i have nothing against individualism. sadly, it's one of the toughest job, or almost impossible to control ones libido. pro-solution: new generations of parenting should be more smarter and take more preconscious effort over their precocious puberty child from this precancerous development.

  • and yes, as a strong, single not-ugly girl, i am against the trading of sex slavery alike... let's upgrade the virtue of love once again.
"it could have not been your statement either"

Yes, it was not *my* statement. That's why I put it in quotes. To point out that it's not my statement. I took the quote from the video posted with this post.

"Sex slavery" is a far cry from someone who decided to take up a job in the sex industry. In fact, legalizing prostitution would be a giant step towards making sure that the people involved are not forced.
I am saying that, any statement can stick to you as easily as when a riddle became a toddle; and hence became the topic of the legend.

It sounded corny anyway.

I don’t care about those slaves, as long as it’s not my children ( in the future ) You know, that’s something about liberty.
Wait, what? Why do you keep calling prostitutes slaves?
So, ya' like it prostitutes yeah.

Eh, I wasn't trying to complicate stuffs by fucking right between the devil's tits?